Within our office;

We aim to adopt practises, both in the way we work and the way we operate our office, to minimise our impact on the environment. Wherever possible we source materials and services from environmentally conscious and certified organisations. We are members of the local recycling scheme and recycle the majority of waste we produce in our office. Our office is heated using the latest heat pump technology and lit with low energy lighting.

In our design work for others;

Our designs are tailored to the latest environmental standards as required by legislation. However, we work with our clients to exceed these wherever possible.

We achieve this by designing our buildings to minimise fabric heat losses, maximise solar gains in winter and minimise them in summer and by the incorporation of the latest engineering solutions. These include photovoltaic and solar thermal panels, heat pumps, heat recovery systems and micro generation units.

We also strive to source materials from renewable or recycled sources wherever possible.  We have experience in lime and hemp based low carbon construction techniques.

We focus part of our continuing professional development activities on training ourselves in the latest techniques to achieve the lowest energy consumption in our buildings by both passive and active methods.

We are members of the Green Register, whose training courses we have taken, also the Association for Energy Conscious Building, and have been assessed as complying with the Blue level of the Carbon Smart Assessment for our office and business practises.